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Bi-Sb-Te계 합금의 열전물성에 대한 Cu 및 In 첨가 영향
조현준1,a· 김현식2,a· 김상일1,*

Received 2019 Jul 31     Accepted 2019 Aug 14     Published online 2019 Sep 23
Herein we report the effect of Cu/In doping on the electronic and thermal transport properties of Bi-Sb-Te thermoelectric alloys. To closely examine the role of each doping element when incorporated in a Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3 alloy, different groups of samples were prepared and characterized, including undoped Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3, In single-doped samples and In... More
Ti-44Al-6Nb-2Cr-0.3Si-0.1C 합금의 0.2%SO2/Ar가스에서의 고온부식
Shi Yuke1 · Xiao Xiao1 · 김성웅2 · 홍재근2 · 한준희3 · 이동복1

Received 2019 Jul 8     Accepted 2019 Aug 27     Published online 2019 Sep 23
Cast Ti–44Al–6Nb–2Cr–0.3Si–0.1C alloy having good air-oxidation resistance was corroded under 1 atm of flowing 0.2%SO2/Ar gas at 900-1100 oC for 50-300 h in order to examine its corrosion behavior in a SO2-containing environment, because SO2 is an industrially important by-product in the field of combustion and processing of fossil fuels.... More
압연온도 및 어닐링 온도에 따른 5052합금의 미세조직 및 기계적 성질
강의구, 남원종

Received 2019 Aug 12     Accepted 2019 Aug 29     Published online 2019 Sep 23
The microstructural evolution and corresponding mechanical properties of 5052 Al alloys with different deformation temperatures and post-deformation annealing conditions were investigated. The warmrolled alloy showed higher strength and elongation than the cold-rolled and cryo-rolled alloys. The improved strength and ductility of warm rolled alloys is attributed to the formation of... More
NdFeB 자석 스크랩을 이용한 Mg-Cu-Gd-Nd 비정질 합금의 제조 및 특성
윤덕환1 · 민홍1 · 채홍준2 · 이진규1,*

Received 2019 Jul 31     Accepted 2019 Aug 27     Published online 2019 Sep 6
In the present study, new Mg-based bulk metallic glasses have been developed in a Mg-Cu-Gd-Nd based system using a Mg-Nd byproduct obtained from the recycling process of NdFeB magnet scrap through liquid metal extraction. The Mg-Cu-Gd-Nd bulk metallic glasses with a diameter of 2 mm are fabricated by injection casting... More
Fe-18Mn강의 응력부식균열 거동에 미치는 크롬과 질소의 영향
최희수1 · 김수민1 · 성효경1 · 김성준2 · 김상식1,*

Received 2019 Jul 3     Accepted 2019 Aug 12     Published online 2019 Sep 6
High-Mn steels developed for offshore industries require good resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in seawater. Elements like Cr and N are often added to improve the resistance to SCC. In this study, the SCC behavior of Fe18Mn3Cr0.1N and Fe19Mn19Cr0.6N steels in artificial seawater was examined. Slow strain rate tests were... More
Improvement of the Hydrogen-Release Features of Mg-Graphene Composite by Adding Nickel via Reactive Ball Milling
Eunho Choi1, Young Jun Kwak2, and Myoung Youp Song2,*

Received 2019 Jul 28     Accepted 2019 Aug 20     Published online 2019 Sep 6
The dehydrogenation rates of graphene-added Mg (named Mg-5graphene) were very low at 573 K and 593 K. Ni was added to increase the dehydrogenation rates of graphene-added Mg. Samples (designated as Mg-2.5Ni-2.5graphene) with a composition of 95 wt% Mg + 2.5 wt% Ni + 2.5 wt% graphene were prepared by... More
3가 크롬 도금욕에서 펄스 도금의 전기화학적 변수 최적화를 통한 크롬 도금막의 내식성 향상 연구
임채원1 · 임동욱1 · 구본일2 · 심상은1 · 백성현1,*

Received 2019 May 14     Accepted 2019 Aug 21     Published online 2019 Sep 6
Electroplating chromium films in a trivalent chromium bath has been extensively investigated as a replacement for the conventional hexavalent chromium bath. However, commercialization of the trivalent chromium method has been hindered because the resulting chromium films exhibit inferior mechanical properties compared to hexavalent chromium coated film. In this study, we... More
생체의료 임플란트용 개기공 티타늄 다공체 제조
김경욱1,2 · 장진만2 · 김용대2 · 이재철1,* · 이원식2,*

Received 2019 May 21     Accepted 2019 Aug 13     Published online 2019 Sep 6
Open-pored metal foams have been partly used for orthopedic or dental applications because of their good bone ingrowth behavior and low elastic modulus. In this paper, we report a method that can produce open-pored Ti foams using a technique that combines the powder injection molding process and feedstocks containing expandable... More
리튬함유 폐액으로부터 전기투석에 의한 리튬의 분리·농축 연구
이주은1 · 소홍일1 · 조연철1 · 장인환1 · 안재우1,* · 이재헌2

Received 2019 Apr 18     Accepted 2019 Aug 21     Published online 2019 Sep 6
Electrodialysis was used to develop a highly efficient process for concentrating and recovering Li from the Li-containing waste solution that is generated after recovering Co and Ni from a leach solution of waste cathode materials of Li ion batteries. The optimum conditions were investigated by comparing the concentration of Li... More
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